Criminal defense is the fight for the rights of a client in criminal proceedings. The task of the criminal defense lawyer is to ensure that the principles of a fair proceeding are complied with and that the client is protected against a misjudgement. The defense lawyer, as the advisor of the client, is committed to acting for his client with strict ‘onesidedness’ vis-à-vis the law enforcement authorities and the criminal courts. The criminal defense lawyer thus protects the client from judicial injustice  by the authorities.

An important field of activity of our criminal defense lawyers is white-collar criminal law and criminal law regarding fiscal offences. In this area, we take into special consideration the increased sensitivity of the client. Legal proceedings in the commercial field can be economically sensitive for the client due to the scale of the proceedings and potential public media coverage. Therefore, we consult and act for our clients with regard to an optimal defense and a “soundless” (discrete –this is better here if the meaning is ‘quietly, not making attention to the process or the case’)  proceeding at all stages of the process.

Our Lawyers for Criminal Law:

Wolfgang M. Fischer, Specialist Lawyer for Criminal Law
Dr. Ingo Hoffmann, Specialist Lawyer for Criminal Law
Thorsten Storp, Specialist Lawyer for Criminal Law
Marco Abate