Who has not experienced such a situation? Unexpectedly, a recently purchased car shows a defect; at short notice a friend or business partner requires a loan to be granted; or other private or business transactions need to be put on a sound contractual basis.

In the field of general civil law, we specialise in providing thorough support to our clients in constituting and implementing any kinds of contracts. Moreover, we provide comprehensive consultative services. The importance of elaborate contracts that bring about considerably more legal certainty often becomes apparent only in the case of a dispute. Mostly, legal disputes can be avoided when the legal consequences of certain situations are worded precisely within the contract.

Moreover, we also formulate and rework the General Terms and Conditions for our clients.

Debt collection, i.e. the assertion of payment claims out of court and, if necessary, by way of legal proceedings, also counts among the field of general civil law. After obtaining an executory title, our enforcement department pursues the claims on behalf of our clients.

Our Lawyers for General Civil Law:

Thorsten Storp
Friedrich Merath
Tobias Bailer