Our activities in the field of corporate law comprise the consultation and representa-tion of our clients when establishing, terminating and selling companies and shares. We assist in designing Articles of Association and changes thereof. By doing so, it is our special concern to anticipate and prevent potential conflict situations from arising.

Furthermore, we consult and represent our clients – out of court and, if necessary, in court – in the apportionment of assets and liabilities of a company and we assist our clients in legal transactions such as matters related to merger, demerger, spin-off, outsourcing, transfer of assets and liabilities, or the change of legal form of a compa-ny.

In the field of commercial law, we have a comprehensive knowledge concerning international transactions, e.g. on the basis of the laws concerning licensed dealers and CISG-related matters. In this field, we regularly give speeches at the Industrie- und Handelskammer Ulm (Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Ulm).

Our Lawyers for Commercial and Company Law:

Dieter Traub, Specialist Lawyer for Commercial and Company Law
Thorsten Storp
Friedrich Merath