Rental contracts for business premises are mostly concluded on a long-term basis. Under German law, the statutory protective provisions on residential tenancy law are not applicable to rental contracts for business premises. For example, a unilateral increase of the rent without a respective agreement is not statutorily provided for the rental of business premises, as opposed to residential tenancy law. In the field of commercial tenancy law, the parties have considerably more scope when drafting contracts than in cases in which a consumer is involved. For this reason, it is important to design commercial rental contracts and lease contracts very carefully.

We consult our clients extensively concerning all aspects of commercial tenancy law, especially in drafting and concluding new contracts, but also concerning the possibilities of early or timely termination of rental or leasing relationships. We also act for our clients vis-à-vis their contracting partners and, in the case where an extrajudicial settlement of the dispute cannot be reached, before court.

Our Lawyers for Commercial Tenancy Law:

Rainer Amann
Marco Abate