Many companies in Germany are dependent on hiring highly skilled workers emigrating from abroad. The recent EU enlargement and the opening to the East after German reunification has made Germany an attractive destination to live and work. Still, the intention to immigrate often ends at the barriers of German and European immigration law.

We advise and represent German and foreign companies and individuals on all areas of immigration and nationality law. We first make a thorough case assessment and negotiate with the German local aliens department concerning the necessary requirements for a residence and working permit. Our work also extends to answering questions on how to proceed on family integration and the recognition of political refugees.

Our experience over the years shows that the German authorities have in some cases considerable leeway in their decision-making, which we use to achieve the best possible outcome for our client. It is particularly important in immigration law to encourage a high degree of cooperation, as opposed to confrontation, when dealing with the authorities.

Our Lawyer for Immigration Law:

Dr. Peter Urwantschky LL.M.